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3025 Kennedy Rd, Unit 8
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+1 647-260-2288
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MON-FRI :  7:30 am to 7:00 pm

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Hanson Home Improvement: Your Attic Insulation and House Decor Partner

Hanson Home Improvement is a residential service provider: We support community development through private and public partnerships. We envision a world where all citizens are given the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to their communities.


We offer an array of programs that target specific needs in various Scarborough communities. From organizing block projects to providing affordable housing services, Hanson Home Improvement is there to lend a hand.


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Our Hanson Group services include:

  • Hanson Building Supply - Drywall, Paints, Ceiling, Flooring, Kitchen & Bath  Click Here


  • Hanson Roofing Supply - Shingles, Roof Vents, Skylight, Eavestrough and Soffit  Click Here 


  • Hanson Home Improvement - Attic and Garage Insullation



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